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National Observatory on Robotics and AI

Our Mission

The National Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Observatory is a non-profit scietific community that wants to represent in the institutional centers the requests of the Small and Medium Enterprises that operate in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence through analysis and research tools to spread the knowledge on the current and evolutionary state and the impact generated on businesses and the country system.

Strategy planning

The institutions create new rules every day that profoundly influence the functioning of corporate and association organizations, sometimes in a positive sense and often in a negative sense.
Someone let this happen by chance, others more far-sighted turn to professional experts. 

Community Support

We help registered companies to know the critical issues and to exploit the opportunities of public decision-making.

We promote, consolidate and defend the interests of this sector, produce and spread knowledge on the opportunities and impacts that robotics and AI generates on company and the country system.

The Observatory

Our research aims to support industry players in understanding the dynamics in place and formulating strategies for monitoring the various channels.

The Observatory aims to create culture and spread the knowledge on the current and evolutionary status of robotics and AI, raising awareness among decision makers.

5 Business Units

Public Affairs advocacy and lobbying

Communication, Media Relation and Social Strategy

Legal Affairs

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Research Center

The Observatory is born from the intuition of helping and accompanying Companies operating in the I-Tech market, with particular attention to those operating in Robotics and IA, in a communicative-institutional context, collaborating with them in the growth of a feeling of understanding positive about the exponential development of this market.

The Observatory wants to be a link in a chain that unites the world of work with political decision makers, guarantee authorities, stakeholders, universities, European decision-making and control bodies, Central and Local Public Administration, so as to help the natural integration of technological development with civil society through a strategic approach to institutional and communication activities.

ONR.IA wants to be a partner for companies operating in this market by providing an integrated vision of the actions and the experience of those who have faced many challenges in the past for the affirmation of rules and principles, through an approach that starts from a deep understanding of the needs of our members and a sharing of objectives aimed at enhancing strengths and building consensus among stakeholders.

Helping Italian
AI and Robotics Companies


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